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Birds of Prey


Birds and Power Lines



News, Contraband of Falcons

UNEP/CMS/Resolution 10.11 Power Lines and Migratory Birds

UNEP/CMS/Resolution 10.28 Saker Falcon Falco cherrug

Proceedings of Conferences: A Scientific Workshop “Problems of Bird Electrocution and Safety on Overhead Power Lines of Middle Voltage: Modern Scientific and Practice Experience”, 10–11 November, 2011, Ulyanovsk, Russia

Results of the Scientific Workshop “Problems of Bird Electrocution and Safety on Overhead Power Lines of Middle Voltage: Modern Scientific and Practice Experience” (Ulyanovsk, 10–11 November 2011), Russia. Saltykov A.V.

Initiatives of the Russian Bird Conservation Union in Addressing the Issue of “Birds and Power Lines”, Russia. Saltykov A.V.

Birds and Power Lines in Steppe Crimea: Positive and Negative Impacts, Ukraine. Andriushchenko Yu.A., Popenko V.M.

Studying of Bird Electrocution on Overhead Power Lines 6–1 0 kV in the Territory of the Republic of Tatarstan to Develop the Step-by-step Regional Plan on Bird Protection: Preliminary Analysis of the Results of Autumn Surveys of 2011. Bekmansurov R.H., Zhukov D.V., Galeev A.Sh.

The Impact of Power Lines on Bird Mortality in Central Kazakhstan. Voronova V.V., Pulikova G.I., Kim K.K., Andreeva E.V., Bekker V.R., Aitbaev T.

On Bird Mortality on Power Lines of Different Design in the Republic of Dagestan in 2008–2011, Russia. Gadzhiev A.M., Melnikov V.N.

Judicial Opinion on Protecting the Birds from Electrocution in the Ulyanovsk District, Russia. Ivanov V.B.

Birds of Prey and Power Lines in Northern Eurasia: What are the Prospects for Survival? Karyakin I.V.

First Results of Surveys of Bird Electrocution in the Ivanovo District, Russia. Melnikov V.N., Melnikova A.V.

Birds and Power Lines in the Altai-Sayan Region: The Scale of the Problem and Ways to Address it. Nikolenko E.G., Karyakin I.V.

Comparing the Rate of Bird Mortality Coused by Electrocution in the Astrakhan and the Atyrau Districts, Russia – Kazakhstan. Pestov M.V., Sadykulin R.F.

Assessing the Impact of Power Lines in the Medium Voltage Range on Birds of the Atyrau District in Kazakhstan. Pestov M.V., Saraev F.A., Shalharov M.K.

The Problem of Bird Mortality on Power Lines in Belarus: Preliminary Results of Studies. Samusenko I.E., Novitsky R.V., Pakul P.A.

Features of Protection of Open Switching Centers from the Damages Caused by Birds (On the Example of Nuclear Power Station): Experience of Application of Repellent Technique, Russia. Sapunkova N., Zolotarev S.

Bird Protection Devices for Power Lines in the Middle Voltage Range Made by LLC “Eco-NIOKR”. Tetnev S.G.

Experience in Use of Bird Protection Devices on Power Lines in Central Ciscaucasia, Russia. Shevtsov A.S., Khokhlov A.N., Ilyukh M.P., Eliseenko E.A.

Localities of Surveys of the Problem “Birds and Power Lines” Mentioned in the Articles of the 24th Issue of “Raptors Conservation”.

Reviews and Comments

The Role of Hybridisation in Origin of Forms in the Hierofalco Complex. Pfeffer R.G.

Reform of the Zoological Nomenclature – Solution for the “Species Problem”. Pfander P.V.

Raptor Conservation

Inefficiency of False Insulators that are Used for Mitigating of the Overhead Power Lines 6–10 kV in the Republic of Kalmykia, Russia. Matsyna A.I., Matsyna E.L., Korolkov M.A., Badmaev V.E., Badmaev V.B.

Estimation of Sizes of the Annual Rate of Bird Mortality Caused by Electrocution on Power Lines 6–10 kV in Kalmykia, Russia. Matsyna A.I., Matsyna E.L., Korolkov M.A., Badmaev V.E., Badmaev V.B.

Short Reports

Features of the Steppe Eagle Breeding in Central Kazakhstan in 2011. Leontyev S.V.

Vultures in the Usturtskiy State Nature Reserve, Kazakhstan. Pestov M.V., Nurmuhambetov Zh.E.

New Data on Birds of Prey of the Kuraisky Mountain Ridge, South-Eastern Altai, Russia. Gritschik V.V., Bobkov D.A.

About the Kestrel Nesting in a Building in the N. Novgorod District, Russia. Novikova L.M., Ponomarev A.V.

New Publications and Videos


Официально прекращена деятельность МБОО "Сибирский экологический центр"

Деятельность организации была остановлена в феврале 2015 г. Сегодня (30 августа 2015 г.) созвано внеочередное общее собрание МБОО «Сибирский экологический центр», на котором единогласно принято решение освободить директора от занимаемой должности по собственному желанию, освободить членов Совета МБОО «Сибэкоцентр» от членства в Совете на основании их заявлений.

Re-establishment of forest protection service
Greenpeace Russia has started to collect signatures for a letter addressed to the Russian president, which demands re-establishment of state forest protection that would be a federal service, organizationally and financially independent from other state organs that deal with forest resource use, and would involve adequate number of staff (no less than 20 thousand inspectors). Such number of federal inspectors would mean operational groups of three people for each forest management unit in the regions of the country that are inhabited and accessible to transportation.
Tragedy in Altai: One more kill from the illegal hunt of argali
During an investigative expedition to the Sailyugem mountain range by Geblerov Ecological Society, the remains of one more killed argali (mountain sheep) was found, adding to the sad result of the illegal hunting trip that took place in the Altai on January 9 and ended with the helicopter crashing down and killing 7 people, including some high-ranking federal and local officials. During investigations on the south-west side of the mountain Chernaya on 28 May, the members of the Geblerov Society found the remains of a nine-year-old male mountain sheep (argali).

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