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Pallas' Cat Conservation

Charitable program "Pallas' Cat Study and Conservation" is organized by the Siberian Environmental Center (Novosibirsk) in order to support and develop initiatives dedicated to the study of Pallas' cat, collecting data pertaining to its true conservation status and assistance in conservation of this species.

Program's website:  

Our program issues that for Pallas' cat sustainable living and conservation in nature first of all it is necessary:

- to know modern distribution, number and quantity dynamics of Pallas' cat populations both in Russia and in the countries of Middle and Central Asia;

- to create a monitoring system of these characteristics;

- to know Pallas' cat biology more in aspects that determine its sensitiveness to anthropogenic factors and possibility of its adaptation to living in landscape been cultivated by people;

- to show up threatened factors and mechanisms of their influence on Pallas' cat populations. 

The Program needs the support. We accept with gratitude any your support. We intend to ensure the limpidity in using funds received.

We are interested in the collaboration with specialists and all people who want as we to conserve this beautiful steppe wild cat species. 

Program coordinator - Anna Barashkova

Tel/Fax:                +7 383 363 00 59        

Mobile: +7 961 221 2997 

How Pallas Cat hunts (2008, Daursky Reserve, Zabaikalsky Krai, Russia)


If you want to support the Program in Euros:
Beneficiary: NGO Siberian Environmental Center
Account: 407 039 785 034 710 026 32
Beneficiary Bank: MDM Bank
18, Lenina Street, Novosibirsk, 630004, RUSSIA
Intermediary Bank: VTB BANK (DEUTSCHLAND) AG,
Frankfurt/Main, GERMANY
Account: 0104108394
Purpose of payment: Gratuitous donation for implementation of the charitable goals of the organization (Pallas Cat Study and Conservation Program)

You can do it just now:

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Официально прекращена деятельность МБОО "Сибирский экологический центр"

Деятельность организации была остановлена в феврале 2015 г. Сегодня (30 августа 2015 г.) созвано внеочередное общее собрание МБОО «Сибирский экологический центр», на котором единогласно принято решение освободить директора от занимаемой должности по собственному желанию, освободить членов Совета МБОО «Сибэкоцентр» от членства в Совете на основании их заявлений.

Re-establishment of forest protection service
Greenpeace Russia has started to collect signatures for a letter addressed to the Russian president, which demands re-establishment of state forest protection that would be a federal service, organizationally and financially independent from other state organs that deal with forest resource use, and would involve adequate number of staff (no less than 20 thousand inspectors). Such number of federal inspectors would mean operational groups of three people for each forest management unit in the regions of the country that are inhabited and accessible to transportation.
Tragedy in Altai: One more kill from the illegal hunt of argali
During an investigative expedition to the Sailyugem mountain range by Geblerov Ecological Society, the remains of one more killed argali (mountain sheep) was found, adding to the sad result of the illegal hunting trip that took place in the Altai on January 9 and ended with the helicopter crashing down and killing 7 people, including some high-ranking federal and local officials. During investigations on the south-west side of the mountain Chernaya on 28 May, the members of the Geblerov Society found the remains of a nine-year-old male mountain sheep (argali).

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