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Катунь в опасности

Экологические проблемы горнодобывающей деятельности на Алтае

The River Programme

The River Programme two projects, concerning the rivers Katun’ (Republic of Altai) and Izdrevaya (Novosibirsk region).


We aim to preserve this river from the construction of dams to power a hydro-electric station, an undertaking that would be harmful to both the nature and the inhabitants of the Southern Siberia.
The plan to build a hydro-electric station on the Katun’ (Altai) is supported by the local government, although the station would be an ecological hazard and also economically inefficient. According to specialists, the plan should not be realized.



From the middle of the last century, this small river has provided water and food for 50 gardening communities and two villages, and still is to them an essential natural resource. In some places it greatly resembles a mountain river, which is a rare type in the generally very flat Novosibirsk region. Siberian Environmental Center aims to change the conditions of the natural resource use in the Izdrevaya basin so that destructive processes were halted and the local government, the inhabitants, the people cultivating the adjacent land and other interested parties would become motivated to restore the river ecosystem in the basin and on neighboring areas. The project website is being updated continuously.

Programme coordinator – Juliya Kolevatova.


The international volunteer ecological camp “Alive Izdrevaya” - 2012

The international volunteer camp is not just 6 trucks of garbage collected in the river, forests, and ravines, 16 made and set up owl nests, 6 ecological festivals held for 140 children, 80 locals polled on the “garbage” topic, ecological round tables and seminars for residents of the nearby villages, it is also the volunteers who have done all this!



Rescuing the River

The rubbish that which we had already cleared lay in a heap on the side of the road waiting to be loaded into the back of a truck and carried away but, typically, the car was no where to be seen. It appeared that our undertakings were some what lacking a sense of urgency, and our neatly piled rubbish waited.  As satisfying as it was to admire these huge piles of collected rubbish (the fruits of our labour), the image was slightly tainted by the sorry sight of the dried up river bed, which despite our efforts was still partially blocked by rubbish.


Three with a camera, a dog and the police...

It was pouring rain. Three ecologists, with a video camera, were hiding in ambush behind trees next to the ‘Novolugovsk’ dump. On the opposite side in the forest, their car was in full camouflage. Behind a turning along the road, yet another was in hiding, with two inspectors from the Novosibirsk ecological police. The first catch of this ecological patrol happened even before the policemen could even take proper hide. A car stopped next to the dump, and a man from the near-by cottage community stepped out to throw away his weekend’s garbage to the dump. And all of a sudden the red car that seemed to have been leaving the dump stopped, and out from it came a man in a uniform, presenting himself as ecological police and started to write out a fine…


33 winners, including three chairmen

33 winners of the competition 'Beloved River - New Riverbanks' received seeds of vegetables and herbs and seeds and bulbs of expensive and beautiful flowers for the worth of almost 30 thousand rubles in wholesale prices offered by the company Argos.


‘Siboty’ in action again

From 18th to 20th August the heroic Older and More Experienced Comrades (abbreviated in Russian as ‘siboty’) – graduates from the children’s ecological movement of the Southern Siberia ‘Forest Protectors’ organized again a mobile ecological camp, this time at the station ‘Uchebnyi’ (Educational).


The Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Russian Federations comments the hydro-electric station in Altaisk region: Rejection of the project is considered necessary under the circumstances

The government of the republic Altai strongly supports the ambitious project to build dams and a hydro-electric station on the river Katun’. However, the federal government is looking into the matter more carefully. The Ministry of natural Resourses and Ecology answered to a letter send by the academics of the Petrovsk Academy of Arts and Science (PANI).

Официально прекращена деятельность МБОО "Сибирский экологический центр"

Деятельность организации была остановлена в феврале 2015 г. Сегодня (30 августа 2015 г.) созвано внеочередное общее собрание МБОО «Сибирский экологический центр», на котором единогласно принято решение освободить директора от занимаемой должности по собственному желанию, освободить членов Совета МБОО «Сибэкоцентр» от членства в Совете на основании их заявлений.

Re-establishment of forest protection service
Greenpeace Russia has started to collect signatures for a letter addressed to the Russian president, which demands re-establishment of state forest protection that would be a federal service, organizationally and financially independent from other state organs that deal with forest resource use, and would involve adequate number of staff (no less than 20 thousand inspectors). Such number of federal inspectors would mean operational groups of three people for each forest management unit in the regions of the country that are inhabited and accessible to transportation.
Tragedy in Altai: One more kill from the illegal hunt of argali
During an investigative expedition to the Sailyugem mountain range by Geblerov Ecological Society, the remains of one more killed argali (mountain sheep) was found, adding to the sad result of the illegal hunting trip that took place in the Altai on January 9 and ended with the helicopter crashing down and killing 7 people, including some high-ranking federal and local officials. During investigations on the south-west side of the mountain Chernaya on 28 May, the members of the Geblerov Society found the remains of a nine-year-old male mountain sheep (argali).

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